Purpose of S E V E N

To offer our members the greatest game experience possible, by uniting with other great players and working together towards our undeniable goal: To become the greatest guild Detheroc has ever produced – Feared by the Alliance, Revered by the Horde

Vision Statement

By recruiting and retaining only the best players in the game, focusing on teamwork and an atmosphere of brotherhood, S E V E N will become the greatest guild that Detheroc has ever produced, and will dominate this server as long as it exists, or until such point as we collectively decide to try something new. We are not merely building an endgame guild: We are building a community of friends and brothers that will stand the test of time.

Core Values of S E V E N

You cannot solo endgame. Each of us is only as good as what we bring to the team, and the more we bring, the faster we all advance.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. We aspire to be nothing less than the greatest guild Detheroc has ever produced.

Any achievement is empty if you don’t earn it, and like most things in life, how you get there is more important than when. Members of S E V E N do not cheat, exploit, hack, period.

When you really are the best, you don’t have to tell anyone. Our success will be dictated by our actions.

This is a game after all, this is what we do to have a good time. Drama is never tolerated – neither is fun that comes at a cost to someone else.

This is a game. If you are a winner at Warcraft but a loser at life, guess what – you’re still a loser. Our members win both-ways.

S E V E N isn’t a relationship of convenience – it is a family. We look out for each-other, help each-other, and develop true friendships. A group of individuals is quickly torn apart by selfish desires. A brotherhood stands the test of time